Resides: Oahu, Hawaii

Hailing from Oahu’s North Shore, Jamie Sterling grew up with friend and family ties to some of Hawaii's hottest and most legendary surfers. This early access to top-level surfers (and to some of the best waves on Earth) created a strong foundation for him, and the young Sterling’s surfing prowess quickly turned heads. After high school, he moved to the Mainland and became an Ocean Lifeguard in Southern California—where Sterling’s training in water safety and lifesaving proved critical skills for his eventual career in big wave surfing. Once Sterling began competing in professional contests, his fearless attitude and advanced surfing IQ soon led to awards, trophies and accolades (including the 2006 Billabong XXL Performer of the Year, third place at the Mavericks Invitational in 2008, winner of the 2010 Pico Alto Invitational in Peru, and, ultimately, becoming the 2010/2011 Big Wave World Tour Champion).

Since his historic BWWT run, Sterling has continued to charge XXL swells around the world at spots like Cortez Banks, Jaws, Mavericks, Dungeons and Teahupoo, while also giving solid performances in global big wave events. His holistic approach to big wave cross-training comprises routines of yoga, cross-fit, running, breathing techniques, along with a clean diet. When not chasing giant waves, Jamie Sterling can be found teaching on the North Shore, sharing his passion for surfing, and being the best dad possible to his young son, Cyrus. 


Jamie Sterling at Mavericks 2013 Invitational


April 04, 2020 — Nancy Opitz