Garrett “GMAC” McNamara calls SIMBA SURF’s New Aquadynamic Surf Helmet “...the most streamlined and sleek helmet you can find for surfing.”

Big wave surfers like McNamara are leading the charge -- protecting their heads while pushing the frontier of extreme surfing.

“It’s the most streamlined helmet you can find for surfing,” says Garrett McNamara. 

SIMBA SURF helmets, the first surf-specific helmets created by a US company, are addressing the rise in head-related injuries among both big wave and recreational surfers. Southern California–based company SIMBA SURF has created an ultralight, aquadynamic helmet uniquely designed to protect against head injuries common in sports like surfing, kite surfing and foil boarding—including collisions and lacerations caused by boards, fins, foils, rocks or reef; eardrum trauma; and exostosis (aka Surfer’s Ear).

The Sentinel 1, SIMBA’s inaugural helmet, is endorsed by big wave surfing icon Garrett McNamara, who is recognized by Guinness World Records for the largest wave ever surfed.

“It’s the most streamlined helmet you can find for surfing,” says McNamara. “Its design is sleek and lightweight, so you can easily penetrate the surface when you hit the water.” He continues, “This helmet makes you feel invincible: You know your head is safe and protected, along with your eardrums and jaw. We put our lives into our equipment’s hands. Thank you for keeping us safe. I highly recommend SIMBA SURF helmets!” – Garrett McNamara

Being struck in the head by a board is the most common injury in surfing, and head trauma of this nature has increased due to the sport’s rising popularity. Kite surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding also have a very high percentage of head-related injuries. Additionally, the recent rise of artificial wave and wave-pool technology is driving growth of these sports in non-coastal markets, a trend which is poised to exponentially increase the size of the overall industry.

The SIMBA SURF Sentinel 1 is priced at $199.95 and comes in small, medium and large sizes and various colors. It is now available for Pre-Order on Simba Surf’s website:

SIMBA SURF helmets are here to help foster a long and healthy surfing life for everyone—from day-one novices to the world’s elite—by reducing risk, promoting safer surfing practices, and empowering riders with superior protection. Our team is comprised of surf school innovators, professional tour vets, big-wave pioneers, board designers, equipment engineers, lifeguards and Coast Guardsmen with more than 100 years of combined surfing experience—all committed to building the world’s best aquatic safety helmets. SIMBA brand surf helmets started as the brainchild of former pro longboarder turned travel guide and international surfing coach Terry “Simba” Simms, who realized decades ago that helmets should be an essential part of everyone’s wave-riding tool kit.

SIMBA SURF Sentinel 1 Helmet Features:

• Impact Resistant Shell: Engineered to protect areas of the head specific to surf injuries.

• Low-Profile Design: Offers optimal peripheral vision and minimal drag.

• Removable Halofit Pads™: Advanced foam lining fit system allows for custom sizing.

• Innovative Layer-Tech Padding: Water-resistant pad system reduces, absorbs and deflects
impact energy.

• Advanced Ear Protection System: Aids in the prevention of aural trauma and exostosis (Surfer’s

• Low-Profile Chinstrap: Ensures secure, comfortable positioning using non-corrosive,
saltwater-resistant materials.

• Interior Padding Channel Design: Allows water to quickly drain out after submersion.

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December 27, 2020 — Nancy Opitz