KADU Men’s Green Shells Boardshort, 21 in.



KADU Men’s Green Shells Boardshort

Our high performance board short is the result of five years of dedicated research, development, and more than a hundred hours of water time. These shorts, constructed from a highly durable poly-suede, are extremely soft, comfortable, and practically weightless. You will be hard-pressed to find a lighter trunk on the market. The poly-suede fabric gets even better as it weathers. The long and loose fit of the T-Cut doesn’t hang, bind, or constrict. We use a nylon thread that is extremely strong and lies flat. These fast drying shorts with a timeless and classic Ikat print are designed to last for many seasons.

Length: 21 in. outseam (size 32)  Fabric: Polyester/Suede; Weight:110~115g/㎡

- Origins of Green Shells Ikat

Origins of Green Shells Ikat

Orissa, Bay of Bengal, India

This print comes from the seafaring state of Orissa on the Bay of Bengal, north of the Andaman Islands. The local tribes are fishing people whose lives are ruled by the ocean's rhythms. Those rhythms are also reflected in the women's weavings. The shell motif is an acknowledgement not only of the conch's beauty, but also of it's importance to the culture. Conch diving for trade and subsistence is one of life's rituals for the men of Orissa